Piper - the Oscar Winning short film

Piper, the 2017 Oscar Winner (Animated Short Film), is a well made short film developed by Pixar Animation Studios. 

The six minute short played before the movie Finding Dory, is a satisfying movie about how a sandpiper overcomes its fear of water and becomes a successful bird. Sand piper is a species of birds which eat small invertebrates picked out of mud. They mainly feed in coasts without direct competition between their species. Pipers also peck at the water for small preys. 

Piper spreads the importance of self-belief, independence and confidence. The piper living with its family, expects them to feed her. But she is ignored and not fed. Soon the bird overcomes its fear of the waves and imitates its parent. At first, it fails and suffers consequences. But eventually nature itself makes her face the waves and provides with a revolutionary idea. The piper becomes better than others in its community.

A sandpiper

If the family had fed the little piper when it was hungry, it wouldn't have found an art for its own existence. This ideal comes in accordance with the Chinese proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  

The piper didn't have the courage to face the waves, but bravery is something which is relative and the piper just needs to overcome its fear. My favourite scene in the film is when the bird is soaked wet, shivering and a red eye, still refusing to cope up with the reality. This film metaphorically asserts that everyone needs to be independent even while staying involved in family life. Using the latest edge technology, the life of the sandpiper is vividly shown. With a pessimistic attitude, one cannot face the problems of life

According to the arrangement of feathers, one can identify the different emotions of the bird in this short. 
The film was written and directed by Alan Barillaro. There are hilarious and emotional scenes which captivated the hearts of movie fanatics. 

To conclude the essence of the short film: A sandpiper, even though struggling to cope up with the realities of life, becomes independent. Being  pressured by its parent ignoring her hunger , the sandpiper overcomes its fear of water. The entire film is expressed in the point of view of the bird.

Piper also shows that it's not just man who can get innovative ideas. Animals are just as imaginative and has to face hurdles in life. 

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