5 things you should know about Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is one of the trending gadgets discussed around the globe. The handheld gaming console was released on March 3rd 2017. The last handheld device from Nintendo was Nintendo 3DS and Switch is expected to be way more advanced than it.  How advanced is this product?  How much does it cost? Which all games will be available ? These are questions which puzzle every tech and gaming enthusiast. These are the 5 things you should know about Nintendo Switch...

1. Nintendo Switch is a tablet-like handheld device with a 720p, 6.2 inch (can be added) screen. There are two Joy-Con Controllers attached at both sides of the device. They can function as a basic controller when attached or while detached can be used for two- player games. The console can be docked into a docking station which can later be connected to a T.V. So that if you slide the screen into the dock, we can play it in the big screen.

2.The specifications of Nintendo Switch are officially confirmed by the company. It is confirmed that switch is powered by a quad core ARM Cortex A57 CPU. Its GPU cores is Nvidia Maxwell CPU with 256 CUDA cores running at 1 GHz. So if these are the specifications, they point out to a Nvidia Tegra X1 chip released in 2015. The RAM of the console is said to be 4 GB shared between CPU and GPU. There is a 32 GB on board storage which can be expanded using an optional micro SD card.

3.The games for Nintendo Switch is quite low in number now.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind will be available from the launch date itself. 1-2 switch, a party game using the system's Joy-Con controllers where two players face each other performing mini-games. The other games which will be released  in 2017 are Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and motion beat-em-up Arms.

4.Nintendo Switch may have the worst battery life when comparing other Nintendo handhelds. The company quotes that one can play for 2.5 to 6 hours depending upon the graphics selected, i.e. one can play Zelda for about 3 hours in the console. Nintendo now has done some thing new ; the introduction of USB charging for its handheld device. The charging port is a USB type-3 and one can charge it using a USB cable connected to a PC or any other device.

5. Is Nintendo Switch worth it ?
Nintendo Switch is priced at $300 in U.S.A (approximately 20000 INR)  and was released on 3rd March 2017. Many compare the price and specs of Switch with PS4 which is almost priced at the same range.But these two are not  exactly the competing consoles. PlayStation is really heavy and bulkier, it takes a lot of space whereas Switch fits in your hands. This is one of the most advanced handheld consoles ever made. You can get 500 GB storage capable PS4 with the same price and should satisfy with 32 GB onboard storage, but that's what you sacrifice if one needs an awesome handheld console.

True gaming fans will be disappointed with Nintendo because there are not too many games which you can get in this console. Nintendo also charges its online capabilities even so it provides solid service too. If you are a person who need your games outdoors as well as indoors to play in your television, Switch would be your perfect companion. 

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