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5 things you should know about Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is one of the trending gadgets discussed around the globe. The handheld gaming console was released on March 3rd 2017. The last handheld device from Nintendo was Nintendo 3DS and Switch is expected to be way more advanced than it.  How advanced is this product?  How much does it cost? Which all games will be available ? These are questions which puzzle every tech and gaming enthusiast. These are the 5 things you should know about Nintendo Switch...

1. Nintendo Switch is a tablet-like handheld device with a 720p, 6.2 inch (can be added) screen. There are two Joy-Con Controllers attached at both sides of the device. They can function as a basic controller when attached or while detached can be used for two- player games. The console can be docked into a docking station which can later be connected to a T.V. So that if you slide the screen into the dock, we can play it in the big screen.

2.The specifications of Nintendo Switch are officially confirmed by the company. It is …

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