It's not Mr. Strange it's Doctor

Hey hey dear readers what's up. I am here wracking my brain thinking 'Hmm! which movie should I write about today and that's when like the apple on Newton's head my friend shouted the famous line from the recent movie 'Dr. Strange'.

So 'Dr. Strange', a movie loved and received by all. The main character played by the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch, I mean who doesn't love him first Sherlock now this, is there anywhere he is not present.

A History on Cumberbatch  
Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is an English actor who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio. He is the son of actors Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham. Wikipedia 
Born: 19 July 1976 (aged 40 years), Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom  
Parents: Timothy Carlton, Wanda Ventham 

Quotes :

My mum and dad had worked incredibly hard to afford me an education. 

I have actual acting scars.

I drive a motorbike, so there is the whiff of the grim reaper round every corner, especially in London. 

I've always wanted to play a spy, because it is the ultimate acting exercise. You are never what you seem. 

So, moving on, the movie yes who can forget Dr. Strange after seeing it. The story revolves around Stephen Vincent Strange or how he likes people to call him Dr. Strange. At first we see him one of the most accomplished neurologist, brash and arrogant, only caring about himself when calamity strikes in a car accident  he loses feeling in his hands thereby losing the ability to do surgery. 

He searches far and wide for a way to treat his hands and finds himself in front of Kamartash in Kathmandu. The Ancient One the Sorceress Supreme (played by Tilda Swinton) She shows him the multiverse then when he shows his arrogance she throws him out. And that is where this movie is unique where the cliche scene would be him becoming then master at the first try itself here it takes Strange guts and hard work to get 'from here to there'. 

The story ends with him saving the planet from Dormammu and making a bargain with him to never return otherwise both of them would be stuck in a time loop where Dormammu  becomes his prisoner.
Oh! and before I forget Dr. Strange gets released on Blu ray in February 2017. 
That's it from me folks hope you enjoyed this is us from the team of Force Entertania signing out.    

Co. Authored by Karun Abraham Music Mania

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