Test cross-A cross between F1 hybrid and its recessive parent ,in order to identify the unknown genotype of the hybrid.
Monohybrid test cross ratio-1:1
Dihybrid test cross ratio-1:1:1:1
Incomplete dominance-The phenomenon which occurs when in a cross made between a dominant and a recessive ,the F1 offspring do not show dominant trait but are intermediate between dominant and recessive.
Codominance-The phenomenon by which both the alleles in a heterozygote express themselves.
Multiple alleles-Genes having more than one alleles in a population.
Pleiotropy-The ability of a gene to have many effects.
Polytene chromosomes-Large sized chromosomes
Linkage-The phenomenon of co existence of two or more genes in the same chromosome.
Recombination-The reshuffling of the parental genes into new combinations.
Recombinant-The product of recombination.
Crossing over-The phenomenon by which exchange of segments takes place between non sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes.

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