Chromosome map-A linear graphic representation of the sequence and relative distances of the various genes present in the chromosome.
Chromosome mapping-The method of preparing maps of a species.
Mutation-The sudden heritable change in the genotype of an organism.
Mutants-The individuals showing mutations.
Muton-The smallest segment of DNA which can undergo mutation.
Chromosomal aberrations-The structural changes in a chromosome.
Point mutation-Mutation which arises due to change in a single base pair of DNA.
Mutagens-The physical and chemical factors which bring about mutations.
Pedigree analysis-An analysis of traits in several generations of s family.
Pedigree-The ancestral history in an individual.
Proband-The person from whom case history of the pedigree starts.
Proposity-Male pro band.
Proposita-Female pro band
Mendelian disorders-Genetic disorders caused due to alteration or mutation in single gene.
Phenylpyruvic idiots-Persons with phenylketonuria.
Chromosomal disorders-Genetic disorders caused due to absence or excess or abnormal arrangement of one or more chromosomes.
Ploidy-The numerical changes of chromosomes.
Polyploidy-Occurence of more than two genomes.
Euploidy-The numerical changes of chromosomes in genome level.
Aneuploidy-The numerical changes of chromosomes at an individual level.
Trisomy-2n+1 condition

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