The first chapter of plus one is "BASIC CONCEPTS IN CHEMISTRY",it makes us aware about some concepts studied in previous classes mainly about mole concept. The only difference is that we are studying them in a more deep manner.
Today I am not teaching the first chapter but the chapter of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. First of all it is a lengthy concept in chemistry.
What is organic chemistry? Many of us never know the actual definition of it. It is the study of hydrocarbons and their derivatives.
Structural representation of organic compounds is a important thing that should be known. A structural formula of a molecule represents how different atoms are connected to reach other in a molecule. One of the method to represent it is Lewi structure also known as electron dot formula. The second method is complete structural formula,the Lewi structure can be simplified by representing the two electron covalent bond by a '-'.The third method is condensed structural formula and the last method is Bold line notation.
The remaining portions will be taught soon. Hope you got a overview of the lesson.

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