Paraphrasing Banjo Paterson's ballad 'Waltzing Matillda'

The word 'paraphrasing' means writing or saying something in a different way, with words that make the meaning clearer or easier to understand.

Words from Waltzing Matilda                     meaning
jolly                                          happy
swagman                                 traveler / man who travels around the countryside
                                                with a backpack on his back.
billabong                                 waterhole
coolibah tree                          a type of Australian eucalyptus 
billy                                        small cooking pot l
                                              meta tin with a handle used for 
                                              boiling water and heating food.
waltzing                                 walking around the country side
                                              (looking for work or farms etc)
matilda                                a backpack
                                           (containing all personal possessions)
a jumbuck                       a sheep
tuckerbag                       food bag or sack for carrying food
the squatter                    the farmer who owned the  sheep
thoroughbred                  expensive horse
troopers                          policemen
ghost                               spirit of a dead person

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