Rick Random,the space detective in the modern era of complete ultra super tech in the world as well as the space. With aliens, cruel men all over the planets etc, He works for the Interplanetary Bureau of Investigations as a one man army against them. A lot of space travelers were trapped in a space tide set up by a planet called Urdana and makes the Earth to battle with them.At the moment some rascals kidnaps Peter who is the son of the chief Jon Bryant. The kidnappers sent a message that to bring a ransom with a pilot less space vehicle in which Rick hides. In the mission Rick is captured and are taken to their hideout. The rascals make Rick to travel in a space car and flings him into the space tide. Though the space was flung into, but because its light weight helps to escape from it and the hideout of the rascals makes into the space tide. A clash between the rascals to whom should take a two seated  space car and escape leads to the destruction of them and the Damon who is the leader and Manon survives the clashes. They escape through it and finds Peter and flies to Urdana. Dangers occurs in the journey. Meanwhile, in Urdana there is a legend that one day a kid will fall from the sky who is the son of the Sun god and he should be made the king of Urdana. The Damon and manon with the boy falls into a lake of Urdana and a dreadful sea dragon like animal eats him and Manon is drowned. The boy escapes and swim to the shore where he finds the Princess of Urdana and the Princess claim that he is the son of the Sun god to all the citizens of Urdana. All were happy except Jullun, who was going to marry her and to capture the throne.At this time Jon Bryant was in great sorrow whereas his son and Rick Random has been perished. He launches the battle troop to the planet Urdana in the absence of Rick. Soon they get a message that a person is identified as Rick Random by his Birth Date tattoo in a hospital in the space. Soon Rick arrives and the doctors suggest to take care but he refuses in order to fulfill the mission. A troop reaches Urdana and Jullun tries to capture one of the space ships which carried Rick and Jon. The four winged Garron led by Jullun captures Rick and summons him at the court of Urdana. The only man who speaks Urdanese, their language was Rick and admits that he is a spy from earth in order for the preparations for the war. He is sent before the oracle in which they can read the minds. The oracle revealed that he was not a spy but a person came in order to maintain peace between these two races and through this Rick understood, it was fake and wanted him to escape. But Jullun was stubborn, he sent Rick to dungeons and later was escaped by the Urdana Princess.The Princess explained that the both races should live happily and it is the evil of Jullun who creates that earthlings are enemies. Suddenly the Princess realizes that the birth marking on arm is also marked in the boy's arm too. By checking the Birth dates, they identify that,  it is the son of Jon Bryant, Peter. These facts were heard by Jullun's spy and soon knew Jullun. Soon Rick leaves the palace and reaches Jon Bryant.At the moment, Jullun started a rebellion and gathered secret powers to help him, he also reveals that the boy is a earthling. Rick tells Jon about all that was happened and asked him to withdraw the Robot Beamers that were programmed by the Master Beam. As Rick reaches the palace, Jullun captures the Princess. A fight between Rick and Jullun takes place and Jullun falls from the terrace of the palace and Rick clings to the sword in order to save himself. Soon he is rescued by the guards, The rebellion dies down and the weapons of mass destruction are sent back. Soon they return home.


Illustrated by Ron Turner.

                                                                Vishal Kurakar
                                                                 Ranger legends

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