Time Force Rangers
Wesley "Wes" Collins
The protagonist and the Red Time Force Ranger in the year 2001; he is actually an ancestor of Alex Drake, the Red Ranger in the year 3000. He was needed to activate the Chrono Morphers for the other Time Force Power Rangers because of the DNA match, but he later did assist the Power Rangers, despite his privileged upbringing. He was portrayed by Jason Faunt.
Jennifer "Jen" Scotts
The female protagonist and the Pink Time Force Ranger; the leader of the Time Force Power Rangers, made cold-hearted because of the apparent death of her fiancée Alex (the former Red Ranger) in the year 3000. She was portrayed by Erin Cahill.
Lucas Kendall
The Blue Time Force Ranger; a race car driver in the year 3000 and womanizer in any year. He was portrayed by Michael Copon.
Katie Walker
The Yellow Time Force Ranger; she was imbued with enhanced strength due to genetic engineering. She was portrayed by Deborah Estelle Phillips.
The Green Time Force Ranger; a Xybrian alien, noted by his green hair and jewel in his forehead, the latter of which amplifies his psychic powers. He was portrayed by Kevin Kleinberg.
Eric Myers
The Quantum Ranger; leader of the Silver Guardians, a group funded by Wes's father to combat the Mutants set free by Ransik. He was portrayed by Daniel Southworth.
Alex Drake
The initial Red Ranger and descendant of Wes who is thought to have died during the events of the first episode. He is later discovered to have survived the accident and help the Time Force Rangers in the year 2001 from behind the scenes until he discovers that their actions are changing the course of history. He takes control of the Time Force Rangers in 2001 for a short period of time until the future returned to its proper course. Jason Faunt also portrayed Alex in addition to his portrayal of Wes.

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