Friday, December 16, 2016

Five Hollywood movies must see for Teens

5.Ferris Bueller's Day off

Imagine that you bunk school for a day and travel across the city with your friends, that  is what this movie is about. Ferris Bueller, an average (But Brilliant) teenager bunks the school to hang out with friends. What we felt special in this movie is the amazing direction and the Bueller's act of breaking the fifth wall. It is a technique in which the movie character addresses to the imaginary audience .(Expected to see it later). The movie motive can be questioned but come on, it is a movie for teenagers.
Ferris Bueller's tricks to fool his parents that he is sick and making others believe his condition is often humorous. These teenagers are enjoying the day to the fullest.  

4.Back to Future

The 1985 science fiction adventure comedy lives up to its name and fame even today. Going back in time is somewhat a crazy thing to do (If a time machine exists),I have known the theories like butterfly effect (Hope I wouldn't destroy the enthusiam) which makes the movie feats impossible. But you cannot make a SciFi movie with concepts obeying all the laws existing, where is the fun in that. Hop along in the Time Machine, you will experience a crazy time (In a good sense) along with Marty and the Professor.

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3.Accepted ( Parental Guidance Required)

Getting into a college is difficult, and to a reputed institution is even harder. What if one is rejected from every college he/she has applied ?. This movie is about a group of teenagers who gets rejected from every educational institution they applied. They created their own college to pursue their dreams, South Harmon Institute of Technology.
Bartleby Gaines is now in a total mess, they created a fictional college to get away from home but their website has brought together all the misfits into a college. Its up to Gaines to create a peaceful situation and create the perfect college system, in which every teenager would love joining.
Join the S.H.I.T. heads to experience a time of their lives.

3.17 again

Have you thought about changing some of the crucial decisions taken in your life, what if a person gets a chance  ? . Mike O'Donnell is ungrateful for how his life has turned out, the 37 year old man gets a new leaf of life when he becomes a 17 year old again.He gets a chance to rewrite his own life when he meets a janitor near a bridge. This American comedy is a classic family comedy movie which strengthens family bonds and makes the audience understand family is most important in life. Who says you're only young once ?

1. Breakfast club ( Parental Guidance Required)

Breakfast Club will always top the list of the best teen movies. Its is a 1985 American coming of age comedy drama in which all the misfits of a school come to meet together in a detention.They seem to have nothing common. A pampered girl, a state champion, a bookish guy, an outcast and a rebellious delinquent are in a library for a whole day on the watch of their principal (How can it be messed up).They communicate each other and get to know about their past, their family constraints and problems.It discusses almost every problem, a teen faces in his/her life. Although the movie provides no solution for the issues. It helps one think in a different outlook and make essential changes to life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top ten Hollywood movies for Beginners

10. 21 Jump Street

Jump Street isn't the type of movie ,one watches in the beginning phase but it is unarguably one of the best buddy comedy and a movie best suited for teenagers ( Parental Guidance Required ).  It is so hilarious and stupid as two policemen go undercover as students in a school to bust an illegal activity.
The plot is unbelievable but likeable. One traverses through the various activities at school and a battle between friends (Although I call it a brawl ) , Carefully choose your decision to watch , because you are gonna experience uncontrollable laughter if you empathise with these police men.

9.The Dark Knight

The second film in the Batman Trilogy, stands out to be one of the best movies ever made in Hollywood history. Its not only because of the fame  the DC character gained throughout the years, but for its wonderful cast and directing. Christopher Nolan directed this masterpiece and flourished beyond expectation because of the talented cast consisting of late Heath Ledger (Joker). It appears to be a bit dark for viewers, but it brings out the real deal behind Batman :The Dark Knight.

8. Spiderman (2002)

Superhero movies got a prominence after the epic Spider Man Movie released in 2002. It is like the first successful superhero movie in Hollywood (Based on origin- story movies). Toby Maguire does his best in the movie and it allows a beginner to enter the vast world of Hollywood movies.

7. Men in Black

Many movie bluffs may cannot accept MIB movie to be a movie to be watched. But Men in Black  is a well made buddy, Sci Fi and comedy movie for teenagers as well as adults. It may include some crude jokes and gooey stuff (Aliens). But its good enough to be a movie for beginners.

6.Liar Liar

How can I not expect more from this classic Jim Carrey movie ?
It wonderfully executes Jim Carrey's slip-slap comedy in a family movie with a message to all dads who lie to their kids. Trust me, you are gonna love this Jim Carrey special. A son makes a birthday wish that his father shouldn't lie for a day, how can it get better than this!. The father is a lawyer who makes money out of his lies.
This pen is bluuuuuu.., Come on watch the movie, rate it amongst the other Carrey movies too...

5.Kung fu Panda

Ho, Ho, This will be my best pick for comedy for beginners. Its hilarious and awesome. Po ,the panda who is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior has a dilemma ; He doesn't know Kung Fu and he has to fight a deadly warrior (Who is supposed to be his nemesis).
Watch the arms of fury bust the bad guy and experience a thrilling fight along with the Furious Five.  

4.Big Hero 6

When we publish top ten for beginners, it doesn't mean these movies has to stick with movies which are classics and epic. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen (Animated). This science fiction gives inspiration to all age groups which even making them realise that they are watching an animated movie. This movie bagged the Oscar for the best animated film in 2015. Hate to say this, it deserves even more honour. Hero is the character goes through unexpected turns in his life and he overcomes his issues and becomes the hero as his name suggests.

3.Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Accept it or not , it is a movie well suited for a starter. The storyline is magnificent and it goes over all expectations. Mainly recommended for youngers, but it is a treat for people in any age. Once you see the movie, you would definitely see the other movie or read the books. Hop along and experience the adventure Harry has in the School of Wizardry Hogwards.


 This movie deserves to be at the top spot of this list. It's not at the podium, because it is a Sci Fi movie made with a lot of scientific aspects. Sorry to break the news, One should have knowledge about some scientific terms in the movie. The movie is perfectly blended with the score provided by Hans Zimmer. It is one of the best movie ever made and credit goes to Christopher Nolan and the talented cast. Men cried over at various points of the movie. The apocalyptic view of the earth is depicted and a group of explorers travels through a wormhole to ensure the existence of human race.
THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH. (After finding someone to help with the scientific terms)

1.Pursuit of Happiness

Here we are with the top pick for beginners. Its not only the best movie to watch as a beginner but a wonderful one too. The acting of Will Smith as a dad who struggles to keep his family together because of financial issues and his search for a job is magnificent.
Jaden Smith who plays as the cute adorable son also adds to the woes of the dad. Even though they struggle in the path of life, they strive to keep up with them and finally gains happiness. Start your pursuit of happiness along with the movie

Honourable picks

I am Legend

 Batman Movie

 Doctor Strange

Secret life of Pets